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Meadow Ridge Church is part of the Aspen Grove Network of churches in the Twin Cities area. The second largest living organism in the world is an Aspen Grove in Colorado and Utah. Each Aspen tree is unique but also interconnected in its root system. Aspen Grove Network is one church with many unique sites. We are interconnected in sharing staff, ministry and mission across our various sites. We are unique in loving each individual community in the name of Jesus. We believe our unity makes us stronger at uniquely ministering and meeting needs. At Aspen Grove we all ask "How can we interconnect and multiple to experience and share God's love." Click HERE to learn more from our Senior Pastor Paul Johnson about the Aspen Grove Network.  Meadow Ridge will be a partner church with Woodridge, sharing all of our Wednesday night programming, along with other events and ministries.

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Woodridge Church is a daughter church of Wooddale Church of Eden Prairie, MN. Planted in 1990 under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Paul Johnson, Woodridge has always had a passion for creating a safe place for people to explore the truths of Jesus. From the outset, the mission of Woodridge Church has been and continues to be "to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ."

In the summer of 1990, the new church began meeting in the basement of a bank building next to Wooddale and on October 7, 1990, held its first public service in what is now Central Middle School in Plymouth, MN. In 1991, Woodridge moved to a leased facility on County Rd. 6 in Medina. The building complex, formerly the Spring Hill Conference Center, became a place where the vision of Woodridge came to be lived out in the lives of her members and attenders. The facility was for sale by the owners the entire six years that Woodridge was a tenant.

In the summer of 1996, Woodridge broke ground on their current building located in Medina on County Rd. 24. In January of 1997, the congregation moved into their new building. Very shortly after moving, the Spring Hill Conference Center was sold and was turned into a golf course. In 1999, a second phase of the Woodridge building project was completed, adding an office complex and larger rooms for students grade school through high school.

In more recent years, we have expanded our services and locations, adding sites in Delano (Crow River Church), Hopkins (Mercy Hill Church), and now Plymouth. Throughout the history of the Aspen Grove Network, her members and leaders would say that God has been faithful. 

We joyfully anticipate all God has in store for Meadow Ridge Church and hope you will join with us!